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Sailor Moon Fanfiction [entries|friends|calendar]
Sailor Fics

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[Sailor Moon Fic] [27 Aug 2013|09:24pm]

Title: The bet
Author: rushingwind_fic
Pairing: Haruka+Michiru, Usagi+Mamoru
Rating: PG-15
Genre: Humor, romance, crack
Summary: Mamoru and Haruka involved in a bet. What is it about?
Warning: no beta, girl+girl love
AN: Sorry for Mamoru fans ^^;; I know the charas are OOC but I hope you still enjoy it.

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Femmeslash Big Bang [01 Sep 2011|04:33pm]


September 1 – Sign-Ups Open
October 1 – Author Sign-Ups Close
December 10– Author Drafts Due
December 15 - Artist Claiming
February 10 – All Due
February 14 – Archive Goes Live

20,000 words. Any femmeslash pairing. All fandoms.
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The Secret Coconut Fanfic Exchange: Round 4 Sign-Ups Open [23 Aug 2011|03:24pm]

The Secret Coconut is a multifandom fanfic exchange hosted at stseiya_fanfics. Sailor Moon is one of our Featured Fandoms. :-)

All characters, pairings and genres are welcome. Fics only need to be 800 words long, but we accept--and love--longer stories as well.

Our fic exchange offers all participants the possibility to choose their own assignments, as long as they act fast when the prompt claiming phase begins. Please click here for more details, rules and the exchange's full schedule. Then, click here to sign up and submit your prompts. If you're curious, you can also click here to see what our participants have been requesting. We already have some Sailor Moon prompts, but there's always room for more.

If you like the idea of exchanging fanfics with other Sailor Moon fans in a friendly environment, consider signing up for the Secret Coconut. Hope to see you there! ^__^
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Setsuna Fanfic [10 Jan 2011|06:22pm]

Title: Flow of Time
Characters: Setsuna, Queen Selenity
Rating: G
Summary: Back story on Setsuna and the Gates of Time...
Complete/In Progress? In Progress
Chapters: 1. Multiple chapters in progress. 
URL: Here
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[09 Jan 2011|09:24pm]

Title: Distant Worlds
Characters: Usagi x Mamoru
Genre: Romance
rating: PG right now, last chapter may be R.
Any lemon/lime, yuri/yaoi? Possibly in the 3rd chapter.
Chapter 1: Mamoru takes Usagi on a dinner date...
Chapter 2: Mamoru asks Usagi One Question...
Complete/In Progress? In Progress
Chapters: 2
URL:  Here
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Sailor moon Fanfic! [01 Jan 2011|11:21pm]

Title: Sailor Moon: A Retelling
Rating: T
Summary: A/U Fanfic. A Re-imagining. Masao was a normal everyday teenager when a black cat named Luna told him he was Sailor moon. Now he must find the other Senshi and save the world from Queen Beryl and find their Princess. But everything is not what it seems...
Wordcount: 89,299 (and still counting! ^_^)
Notes: Almost done! Need to finds me a beta!
Can be found:
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OT: Pimping! [16 Sep 2010|10:53pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Join sailormoonland ! It is a challenge community where you are sorted into one of three teams (Inners, Outers, or Chaos) and participate in games, or writing/ graphics activities in order to earn your team points. If you are interested in Sailor Moon even the slightest you should join this community because it rocks and is incredibly fun. It is also a great way to meet new people who share similar interests to you and make new friends. If you happen to join after reading this, mention that medicatedxlives recommended the community to you so I can earn points for my team (Inners!)

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Fic: Shadows in the Ice [01 Jun 2010|05:49pm]

Title: Shadows in the Ice
Rating: PG-13/orange
Summary: Queen Serenity relates the tale of the first Serenity to her daughter and the battle against the Snow Dancers.
Pairings: Uranus/Neptune, pre-Serenity/Jupiter
Warnings: Major character death (not Sailormoon)
Wordcount: 23,796
Notes: Thanks to Miri for the awesome beta and the ideas on how to make Queen Serenity not sound psycho! Any mistakes that remain are my own, as is any lingering hint of psycho-ness. *winces* Written for smbigbang. Fake cut leads to AO3.

( Shadows in the Ice )
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Fic: Time Makes the Heart [25 Feb 2010|11:20pm]

Title: Time Makes the Heart
Author: hunterwithcause
Pairing/Characters: Sailor Star Fighter/Neo-Queen Serenity
Genre/Category: One-sided love, futurefic
Rated: PG
Word count: 1088
Warnings: None
Spoilers/Setting: Set in Crystal Tokyo, spoilers for the Stars Season
Disclaimer: Sailor Moon doesn't belong to me.

Summary: She treasures these visits to the crystalline capitol of Earth. But most of all, she treasures the brilliant shine of its queen.

Link to the fic
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Searching for a story [04 Sep 2009|02:39am]

Does anyone know of where I can find a copy of "Mistaken Identity" by Kimbop? It's an old AR story that used to be on FF.net and moonromance, but it's disappeared. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Ali/Seijuro & En/Natsumi drabble - prompt: envy [15 Jul 2009|02:28pm]

I've applied to write 10 ficlets at 2x5obsessions. While I'm waiting for the go ahead to post my stories there, I decided I'd cross post to this fab community!

Title: Bento Beacon
Auhtor: heracles
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Claim: 2x5obsessions, Ali/Seijuro & En/Natsumi
Rating: PG
Prompt: Set #3, Envy
Disclaimer: All characters and settings are on a short loan.
Notes: In case it isn't clear, this is a short drabble set during Seijuro and Makoto's "date" at the park in the Sailor Moon R, episode #55
Word Count: #231

The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves."
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Sailor Moon Fanswap! [14 Jul 2009|11:24am]



June 19th - July 17th: Sign-Ups
October 21st: Last Day to Submit
October 21st - November 21st: Extensions and Pinch Hitters
November 22nd - Posting Begins
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Sailor Venus Month at sm_monthly [06 Jul 2009|04:35pm]

[ mood | satisfied ]

sm_monthly sm_monthly sm_monthly sm_monthly

Sailor Moon Monthly is a community that has been going strong for three years now, but a recent change in the rules has prompted me to restart the pimpage process! Previously, every month has centered around an overarcing theme. For example, this month is centering on Aino Minako/Sailor Venus. Every day, a prompt is posted, and members have typically responded with a fic centering around that prompt which corresponds to that month's theme. So, if the prompt Volleyball is given for the Minako month, you can write a fic about Minako playing volleyball or something else that strikes your fancy.

Two things have changed recently: 1) we are now holding bi-monthly themes, giving members an extra month to turn in submissions prior to holding awards. And 2) We are now accepting fanart as well as fanfiction submissions!

Please don't feel like there's any obligation to submit to every day! Those who do complete a monthly challenge, either with all fic, all art, or combination, will be awarded a banner and an avatar, but do not feel pressured to submit to every prompt if you don't want to.

For more information, please visit the community or ask me here. I hope to see some of you over there!
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Pretty Warrior Sailor Titan [25 Jun 2009|01:56am]

Title: Pretty Warrior Sailor Titan
Canon it takes place: Manga, including Sailor V, with some elements borrowed from anime
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Adventure, Comedy
Summary: What if the planets' biggest moons, dwarf planets, the Sun, and all that astronomical jazz on our Solar System all had their own sailor senshi? And what if the ones that helped they awaken were an extremely grumpy nerd, an hyperactive and slightly obsessive fangirl, and a jealous copycat? What if the grumpy nerd was, in fact, the main character? These questions might get answered in this fanfiction! Well... Might. You know, it's not like they're exactly competent of everything.
Notes: ~Awakening~ is the name of the first arc. If I make other arcs, they'll be aptly named according to their respective themes. Since it's an Elsewhere Fic, it's not going to feature the canon characters we all know and love; at most, they'll be cameo appearances, and, to not affect storyline, won't know about the original ones. Also, besides not being a native English speaker, I didn't request anyone to beta-read it, so, be aware of eventual typos and grammar errors that passed through my revision; put it in mind before flaming.
Status: Incomplete


001: The Purplesmith Awakens! Sailor Titan's Mission Begins!
002: Confusion and Discord! Not always a bad thing?

003: Winter in North, Summer in South, Love in the Middle!

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Hands Fall Together (Ensemble), R [18 Jun 2009|01:08pm]

Title: Hands Fall Together
Fandom: Sailor Moon
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Mamoru, Usagi, Luna, Ami, Rei, Minako, Artemis, Motoki, Nephrite, Zoisite, Kunzite, Queen Beryl
Genre: Drama, Action, Romance, Humor
Word Count: 271,133
Summary: What if the simplest detail could mean the difference between living and dying? What if the time you got up, the people you met, the things you did, the words you said could change your life forever? What if you weren't sure whether or not those changes were good? What if Usagi hadn't been the only one late that day?
Notes: This already the longest thing I've ever written, and it is nowhere near being done yet. I'm immensely proud of this one and the scope it's going to cover, and I really hope the rest of you enjoy it too.
Status: Incomplete

Part One: The Consequences of Being Late
Part Two: By Any Other Name
Part Three: Caffiene Dream
Part Four: On Target
Part Five: Sea of Strife
Part Six: Blood Debts
Part Seven: Confidence Man
Part Eight: Father of Mine
Part Nine: Breaking Up
Part Ten: Family Matters *NEW*

anarchicq reminded me that .moon locks stories R and above for members only, so there are alternate links at ff.net and Aria's Ink. But you should totally join .moon cause it's awesome.
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Sailor Moon Kink Meme [31 May 2009|03:46am]

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Truth Behind The Lies [17 Apr 2009|01:55am]

Fanfic: Truth Behind the lies
Pairing: none
Rating: M for language,adult themes, and violence
Summary:Five years after Galaxia's defeat, the world is peaceful. Until a mysterious new
enemy arrives and secrets about the moon kingdom and it's foundation are revealed.
Authors notes: It's a darker look at sailor moon. I always wondered if everything in the moon kingdom was as perfect as the anime says it was.


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Midnight Rose [08 Mar 2009|09:47pm]


Title: Moonlight Rose
Summary: Serena dreams of her two favorite superheroes.
Pairing: Serena/Darien, Serena/TuxedoMask, Serena/MoonlightKnight
Rating: Strong R, for mature scenes
Authors Notes: Set in Sailor Moon series 2. Right after the episode VR Madness. For this fic, I have made Serena 17 years old. So Darien would be about 20?

Just let us love you )
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