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Sailor Moon Fanfiction

Sailor Fics
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General Information
This is an open community is for the posting and discussion of Sailor Moon based fanfiction. Fanfic may be based on PGSM, anime, manga, a mix of each or Alt. Universe.

[+] Anyone with an LJ can join!
[+] Please keep discussion on topic about fanfiction. Off-topic discussion is okay as long as it is still related to Sailor Moon. Entries that are off-topic should be noted as such with an "OT" in the subject line.
[+] Respect each other! Everyone has a right to their own opinion and writing, so don't flame other people.
[+] caloris is current administrator; hitzusin is the current maintainer. All concerns regarding the community can be directed to them and/or posts that are inappropriate. Maintainers reserve the right to close/end discussion at any time and to report to the administrator regarding members they feel are not contributing to the community in a helpful manner.
[+] If you have a longer entry to write, are posting super big images or are posting your story, please use LJ-cuts. You can find out how to do this from the LiveJournal FAQ.
[+] Don't steal anything from here (personal graphics, layouts, icons, fansenshi profiles, stories etc.) unless the user says it's okay for you to use it.